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Safe for Everyone

As a female with multiple pets, have difficulty conceiving (trying) and have multiple health issues and allergies, there are so many rules and lists of product that are 'recommended' to avoid but also an overwhelming amount.

This for me made it so hard to find products suitable for everyone in my household.

My vision is to make it simple. Any product advertised on my SFE page is 100% natural, non toxic suitable for EVERYONE (kids, pets, vegans, prenatal and pregnant women).

Life is hard enough as it is so my goal is to ensure everyone is safe, but have resources to what they need in one place to minimise life's inevitable everyday stresses.

I am proud to say that SFE products are high quality, with every single candle and wax melts hand poured. We ensure that every product made is thoroughly checked from the labelling, packaging and the wax itself.

- Lindsey - Owner / Founder

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