SFE- Safe for everyone

Mission, Vision & Values

Who is SFE?

SFE Owner & Founder Lindsey Marie has a strong commitment to making households across the globe a safe and chemical-free environment for all families. Lindsey recognised the need and demand for 100% toxic-free products in this market due to struggling personally with health issues, fertility, allergies and living with brachycephalic dogs. It became quickly overwhelming having to read so many product labels / ingredients to avoid.

SFE's vision is to make it as simple, stress-free & easy to find top quality, fully approved and verified toxic free products for YOU and in ONE place,

Life is hard enough as it is so her goal is to ensure everyone is safe, but have resources to what they need in one place to minimise life's inevitable everyday stresses.

FACT: FDA states a product can be sold and advertised as Organic and Safe with just 70% of the ingredients actually being safe) This is why SFE has taken a further step to not only list ALL ingredients used online, but also have each product / ingredient assessed and approved SAFE by the Toxic-free foundation , Safe Cosmetics Australia & Australian Made and Certified Organic

SFE is proud to confirm ALL products advertised are 100% natural, toxic-free, cruelty-free, allergen-free, organic, vegan friendly and suitable for EVERYONE (kids, pets, vegans, prenatal and pregnant women -all skin types).


Mission Statement

SFE's mission is to create the safest, highest quality & most accessible household and personal care products for YOU in one place. Using only pure, natural and simple ingredients which are certified organic, 100% non-toxic and approved 'Safe for Everyone' to use.

Vision Statement

SFE's vision is to have a significant and positive impact on the growth of the personal care and household marketplace, where safe and environmentally conscious products prevail and there is an SFE product in every home.

Culture, Values, and Principles

Trust, Ingenuity, Accountability, Simplicity

Honesty, Accountability, Persistence, Simplicity & Creativity are SFE's core values.

Building on these Core Values, SFE abides by the following principles:

  • Create only the healthiest, safest, highest quality and most accessible products for human and animal care.

  • Manufacture all products using only the highest Manufacturing Standards or above.

  • Reduce waste by selecting packaging materials or suppliers who use recycled materials.

  • Provide affordable products the majority of the population can afford.

  • Distribute products in local markets and online so that everyone has the opportunity to access them.

  • Deliver consistent, prompt, honest and respectful service to everyone.

  • Cultivate a workplace to promote new ideas and whereby everyone who is / should be employed is heard.

  • Give back to the world and sustain an eco-friendly business model by being a 1% For The Planet Member.

  • Contribute to a secure and sustainable world by abiding by all principles at all times.

Proudly Licenced and Accredited

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