Benefits of CITRIC ACID

Citric Acid

In biochemistry, it's an intermediate in the citric acid cycle which occurs in the metabolism of all aerobic organisms.

Citric acid is a common ingredient in sour fruits like oranges, sweet limes, limes, etc. YES ITS VEGAN. With the production and source of extraction being hidden for a lot of spices and additive products, a lot of vegans often ponder, is citric acid vegan. Though the origin of citric acid is primarily citrus fruits, there is a possibility that the process used in obtaining the same involves non-vegan methods.

Our food is incomplete without the addition of the aromatic spices that make the food flavorsome and delicious. Without the magic of additive ingredients, food will taste highly bland, reducing your appetite significantly.  

In fact Medicines with Citric acid in treat issues such as Kidney stones


sources of Citric Acid

It's not just sour citrus fruits that have citric acid. All plants and animals have small traces of it. Many packaged food and nonfood items such as cosmetics and cleaning products, also contain citric acid.

This type of citric acid is used in:

  • The food industry - Citric acid is often added to packaged food and drinks. It helps keep canned and jarred foods fresh over long periods of time. It can also prevent some kinds of fresh-cut produce, like sliced apples, from turning brown. Citric acid can also help thicken foods or give them a slightly sour flavor. That's why you might see citric acid listed as an ingredient in some ice creams, sorbets, or sodas.

  • Alcohol -Citric acid can balance out the acid in a food or drink. Winemakers sometimes add it to their products to improve the taste.

  • Medicines - Some creams include citric acid to help clear up skin infections. Other citric acid drugs that you take orally can lower the amount of acid in your urine, which in turn can help prevent kidney stones. You might also take citric acid for metabolic acidosis, a buildup of acid inside your body.

  • Personal care products. When manufacturers mix citric acid with other ingredients, they can form a compound called "alpha hydroxy acid" that helps smooth your skin. It's also in some cosmetics and toiletries -- like lipstick, hair spray, and deodorant to help them last longer.

  • Household cleaners. Because citric acid can eat away at hard water buildup, you'll often see it in dishwasher detergent. Other household cleaners also include it as an ingredient since it can help remove stains and odors.

  • Disinfectants. Since citric acid kills some types of bacteria and viruses, you'll find it in insect sprays, products that kill funfus or algae, hand sanitizer, and even some tissues you use to blow your nose.

  • Environmental cleanup products. Citric acid can safely remove toxins from polluted soil and even clean up nuclear waste.

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